Inside Sale Consulting

Inside Sales Consulting

Each and every company has its own style of working and managing the Inside Sales activities. The goal of the team is to convert suspects into prospects turning them to closure or a potential customer. Various methodologies are adapted to reach this goal at a company. TLB with its Inside Sales Consulting services helps companies to measure the success of the process, provides additional support and recommendation which can increase the productivity of the sales team. Our best practices have proven a 20 to 30% increase in productivity at each and every stage of sales thus leading to an overall increase in “CLOSURES”.

Inside Sales Audit

With our Inside Sales Audit Services we help companies to evaluate their current Inside Sales functionality at various levels of the sales cycle. This process helps companies/Business heads/CRO/Directors and Managers to discover and unfold the gap and truth at each sales stages. You may have various ways to track these activities on a daily/weekly basis, however a reliable third party services can do much more than the internal team as an detailed audit is done at every stage.

Inside Sales Team Setup

For small and medium size business we help them to lay down a strong foundation for a successful healthy sales team. We help you to set up a strong sales team from the scratch, defining functions and responsibilities so that it runs smoothly and the results are measured without hassle.

Our auditing process can also open up ways for adaption of best practices, systematic lead flow, better process implementation, training and to many other arenas in a company.

Why TLB Services?

We believe that there is always room for improvement, with your best sales people and the best process over the period of time there is always a lag in every part of the business. Only a periodic Sales Audit or Consulting can help you to get back on track. Our goal is to make companies better, so at each level of the process when changes are made for betterment it definitely results in betterment of the entire process and the person.

Not only that, with a reliable 3rd party service you can always unfold the hidden truths behind each process and if things are rectified with better recommendation and best practices productivity can be increased to a new level.

Increased productivity means increased ROI which brings SMILE on everyone face.


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