How do you procure the right leads for your company? How do you decide which leads match your ideal target specifications? Our market research services help you gain insights into the target audience specific to your businesses.


Target List Building
Identify the right personal for your product/service is an important task. It’s important to spend time in building an ideal target list as it helps in saving time and resulting in increased productive.

  • Populate contact names, email, phone number and info from leads generated through web forms and trade shows
  • Look up accurate information like; revenue, number of employees, industry vertical, HQ and branches etc

We understand your business model/service/solution and based on the criteria’s provided we build a targeted list.

Data Entry/Back End Work

Data is important and the more you feed about a particular prospect it helps the sales guys to save lot of time and be more productive. Lot of companies use various CRM tools to capture important or most relevant data. Companies have implemented online mechanisms for the data to be filled by the customer and most of the time its half done work or not accurate. We help you with filling all the info which you think is important with accuracy, leads ready for next task.

Lead Appending

Appending is an important exercise that needs to be done periodically. Every 3 month its better to churn and validate your data as people get promoted, moved or change jobs.  Its a simple task, however brings in great value and saves lot of time.  If these info can be fed to the CRM periodically it helps  sales guys and increases his productivity.

Call verification

Certifies that this particular number is working and can help you to reach the right prospect. Verification helps you to know the path how the call will be routed, Operator to the concern person, Dial by Name/Extension or Direct voicemail. This info will help the sales guy to be prepared and prioritise the calling effort.

Opportunity Qualification/ Appointment Setting

Targeting the right audience, spending ample time and talking the right decision in generating B2B sales leads is absolutely important when it comes to closing big deals.

Now you need to decide, whether you would want that activity of going through the time-consuming, repeated cold-calling, pre-qualifying activities done by a highly paid sales resource or get the job done by an outsourced company like TLB who will get the job done at a low cost and proving results.

Why don’t you lets us take care of the qualification process fill your sales funnels with hot leads so that your sales team can burn the hot opportunities. We have a dedicated team who can deliver you sales qualified opportunities/meetings


Target list Management
Lead Generation
Lead Qualification & Appointment Setting
Account Management
End to End Sales

Handling Sales Chat
Social Media Marketing
Sales Process Documentation
CRM Setup and Management


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