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Someone said Marketing is everything now. Once Marketing was considered to shell out money and Sales to gain in. Now with the advancements happening in the field of marketing the whole theory is redefined. Identifying the pain and bringing out a solution needs to be customized at various touch points. The value proposition could be different to each sector and that needs to be identified and worked out. At the end of the day its important to know what the customer feels about your product or service and if he is satisfied or happy, here is were your marketing strategy has won a great deal.

Market Consultant Services

As a small and medium company its very important to ensure that the allocated Marketing Budget brings better results. Some time results fail, but no one likes every time. You may not have a full fledged internal marketing team to ensure a successful implementation of the marketing plan. Here is where TLB’s Market Consultant service can help you to work out through the various steps of the plan and provide best practices, suggestions and recommendation for implementation and better results. A company may use different marketing approaches to bring in more suspects. A good marketing plan implemented results in better ROI.

Marketing Audit Services 

As a CEO or CMO you would always want to ensure that the allocated Marketing Budget is spent well and the results reflects in better ROI. TLB’s Market check mate services can help to get a complete evaluation of the plan and compare it with the outcome at each level, doing so we help companies to identify the best 3 or 4 marketing plan that suits the company for better results. Each touch point is evaluated and the truth is unfolded about what is working and what not. Based on the result its helps everyone to make better plans and decisions and work out the budgets in future.

Market Research Services

Companies use various methodologies to bring in more suspects to help the sales team with data. However, most of the companies fail to mitigate the result at each level. Now based on feedback from sales team alone wouldn’t help to stick with one approach and reject the other. On the other hand that’s the truth that’s happening and the Marketing team hunts for more suspect.

At TLB we help you to evaluate each and every channel the company choose to bring in more data, analysis the result about what channel is working and why, how and why not the other? Is a sales function not doing well or the marketing team choose a wrong channel? By answering these type of questions we help companies sought the issue so that time and energy is spent on better suspects leading to better prospects.

Data Distribution & Scoring 

Suspects are generated using various channels by a company. Now a healthy distribution channel by the marketing team can contribute a lot to the success of the sales team. A scoring system based on the value proportion can help SDR’s to prioritize and work the database. It also sends feedback to the marketing team which helps them to take necessary actions.

Now Why TLB?

Working with Marketing and Sales departments for quite some time the most common story we hear when results are not met is to put the blame on others, now you might have heard the marketing team blaming the sales team and vice versa. Our services can help you to identify the loopholes at each touch points and help every one to perform better which results in increased ROI and a better company.

Now as a third party consultant we can bring out the unbiased truth, reducing the friction between the marketing and sales team, while helping each to take responsibility and do a better job, I mean one step above, thus making everyone happy. A better team contributing to the overall success.


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