Off Shore Services

As a start up or a small and medium size company, you have spent your time and energy in developing your product and solution. Now getting them out the to the Market pushing Sales is also a huge task. You may have your top people who are already working on those initiatives, however over a period of time you would need more resources to be part of your team who work towards the common goal of the company. Spending years, fighting day in and out you might have got investors, now it becomes a challenge to hire the best resource for various functionalities.

Have you ever thought about hiring best and reliable resources outside your comfort zone or even developing a production/development/marketing/sales team at Bangalore, India. I know its not an easy task and the risk is high. Here is where TLB’s Offshore services can help you in the nurturing stage of your team and hand over to you at a comfortable stage into your hands.

Hire your best resources

You could hire the best talented resources for any function, he/she would be directly working and reporting to your respective managers. We take care of the rest, ensuring their smooth functionality for your success.

How?, to know more reach out to us.

Hire to set up your team

Since you are hiring 1 or 2 resources and have a plan of action to hire more through out the years and have your own foot print here, at TLB we help you to groom and nurture the team till it turns to a sizable number, post which we handover to you to run the show from there.

How does that work?, to know more reach out to us.


Complete Joining Formalities
Setting up the infrastructure
Payroll Management
IT returns and Tax filing
Leave Management


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