Case Study
E commerce based Company


Project – Initial day of a Sales team for a leading E commerce company
HQ/Region – India (Tapped USA market to sell their e commerce app)

Situation A CEO with an innovative idea, built an e commerce application. He was solely doing all the marketing and sales activities though his core domain was into development.
Challenges As a Start up he had limited fund and was looking for 1 Smart sales rep who could do the initial reach outs to a customized list built by himself.
• Since he was already stretching hours couldn’t tap or work on contacts across the various time zones in the US.

TLB – Started off with 1 experienced resource, and within few months we got meetings lined up for demos.
• We had a closure too within a short period of time.
• Cold called the leads to further qualification and set appointments.

• Within in a span of 2 years we had around 15+ closures.
• we were able to provide guidance and feedback which helped the company to make changes to their solutions.
• Today they have grow to a 100+ employee team.