Case Study
Mobility based Company


Project – Target list building/Opportunity qualification
Region – India (Tapped US market to sell their mobility solution)

Challenges Huge competition in the mobility space, new entry.
• It’s always challenging for a new company to tap a new market while there are so many other
competitors existing/offering similar services in the same space.

TLB – We handled the project for 6 months, deployed resources to build a targeted list and cold call them.
• Built a lead list of 3500+ leads industry specific.
• Launched email campaign through which we were able to reach out to most of the leads.
• Cold called the leads to further qualification and set appointments.

• We were able to qualify 10 meeting in 6 months period of time.
• Out of 10 qualified meetings 2 meetings moved up the pipeline, 1 opportunity – get proposal acceptance stage and the other was at need evaluation stage.
• Client appreciations on couple of calls, letting us know that the mobility platform was something different and a better one.
• Moreover it was a learning curve for the company as this was the first time they started working for the US market.