Case Study
Healthcare Industry


Project – Early stage support by TLB for Healthcare Solution
Region – USA

Situation – A US based Start up which provides automated health care applications, initially had only the top executives working in all roles as they didn’t have resources or weren’t in a position to hire. The C level executives worked on the development of the application and also did some initial marketing and sales with in their network.  

Need Identified – Need for a resource who could do some research and do the initial lead nurturing.
• A person who could do the ground work, spend little time, find the right titles and reach out to them to get further details about their current application in use and pain points.  

TLB’s Initatives –  Deployed 1 resource who initially helped them to get few meetings and moved to a stage were weekly at least 2 meetings were scheduled.
• Some leads passed over moved to closure helping the company to get some funding with other initiatives taken by the stakeholders.
• Done with 1st level of seed funding.
• Today its company with 10 plus employees doing good.

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