About Us

Traceleadsb2b with its strong and wide exposure in marketing and sales channels is all set to bridge the gap between the stages in sales and geared up to provide best b2b services. Being in sales for several years has helped us to understand that the value proposition of your product/service should reach the right person/customers all over the world.

Productivity has not increased due to sales rep not being able to reach the right person/decision maker and keeps spending time on sending emails and hitting voice mails which is yielding nothing. However removing dirty leads or unproductive leads and helping them with accurate data will surely increase productivity which reflects in ROI. That’s how bridging the gap TLB is prepared to build the right target audience, indirectly helping your sales rep to be productive and closing more which mean “Money on the table”.


Target list Management
Lead Generation
Lead Qualification & Appointment Setting
Account Management
End to End Sales

Handling Sales Chat
Social Media Marketing
Sales Process Documentation
CRM Setup and Management


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